Mad Knowledges and User-Led Research

Mad Knowledges and User-Led Research book cover
Rose, D. Palgrave Macmillan (2022).
Hb ISBN: 978-3-031-07551-3

This book presents a critical examination of the development of user involvement within research, and investigates the issues currently preventing a productive integration of Mad knowledges within research and practice. Drawing on social, linguistic and critical theories, it proposes the conditions needed to address the development of Mad epistemologies.

In this book, Diana Rose asks 'what does madness articulate?' Whose voices are heard or silenced, trusted or relegated to symptoms, what counts as evidence, who is a trusted narrator of madness. In short she digs deeply and widely into how knowledge of madness is produced, by whom, in what ways, and to what ends. Her account is both erudite and infused with her own and others' experiences. The reader is recognized and in conversation with the author who anticipates questions and other points of view. Rose attends to language, categories, speakers and those who listen, and who tells what to whom. She speaks for and about the rise of studied resistance to and confrontation with medicalized and psychiatrized knowledge and treatment of madness. In the end, the reader has become acquainted with the polyphonous voices and versions of madness, community, advocacy, peer research, and the social and political landscape within which we find ourselves. I will assign this book to psychiatry residents and medical students because it will change the way they understand their patients and how they practice medicine.
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