On personal epiphanies and collective knowledge in survivor research and action

Social Theory and Health, 18, 2, p. 110-122, June .DOI: Rose, D
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Lost in the shadows: reflections on the dark side of co-production

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An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of receiving a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder

Journal of Mental Health, 29, 3, p. 358-363, May .DOI:, K., Brown, J., Rose, D. & Lawrence, V.
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Implementing civic engagement within mental health services in South East Asia: A systematic review and realist synthesis of current evidence

International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 14, 17, March .DOI:, K., Brooks, H., Susanti, H., Waddingham, J., Irmansyah, I., Keliat, B. A., Utomo, B., Rose, D., Colucci, E. & Lovell, K
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Power, Privilege and Knowledge: the Untenable Promise of Co-production in Mental Health’

Frontiers in Sociology, 4, JUL, p. 1-11, 57, July .DOI:, D. S. & Kalathil, J.
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Public involvement in health outcomes research: Lessons learnt from the development of the recovering quality of life (ReQoL) measures

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Protocol for a quasi-experimental study of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of mother and baby units compared with general psychiatric inpatient wards and crisis resolution team services (The ESMI study) in the provision of care for women in the postpartum period

BMJ Open, 9, 3, p. 1-13, March .DOI:, K., Shallcross, R., Ryan, E., Heslin, M., Pickles, A., Byford, S., Jones, I., Johnson, S., Pawlby, S., Stanley, N., Rose, D., Seneviratne, G., Wieck, A., Jennings, S., Potts, L., Abel, K. M. & Howard, L. M.
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Navigating an Insider / Outsider Identity in Exclusive Academic Spaces: How Far Can Boundaries be Pushed?

Journal of Ethics in Mental Health, March .Rose, D. S

Changing nurses’ views of the therapeutic environment: randomised controlled trial

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Exploring the potential use of patient and public involvement to strengthen Indonesian mental health care for people with psychosis: A qualitative exploration of the views of service users and carers

Health Expectations, January .DOI:, H., James, K., Utomo, B., Keliat, B. A., Lovell, K., Irmansyah, I., Rose, D., Colucci, E. & Brooks, H.
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