Staff and service users’ views on a ‘Consent for Contact’ research register within psychosis services: a qualitative study

BMC Psychiatry, 14, , 377, December .DOI:, C., Robotham, D. J., Drake, G., Rose, D. S. & Wykes, T. HM.
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Can the therapeutic relationship predict 18 month outcomes for individuals with psychosis?

Psychiatry Research, 220, 1-2, p. 585-591, December .DOI:, S., Brown, G., Szmukler, G., Rose, D., Birchwood, M., Marshall, M., Waheed, W. & Thornicroft, G.
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Exploring stigmatisation among people diagnosed with either bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder: A critical realist analysis

Social Science and Medicine , 123, p. 7-17, December .DOI:, O. & Rose, D.
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Collaborative development of an electronic Personal Health Record for people with severe and enduring mental health problems

BMC Psychiatry, 14, , 305, November .DOI:, L., Robotham, D., Denis, M., Pandit, N., Newton, D., Rose, D. & Wykes, T.
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The mainstreaming of recovery

Journal of Mental Health, 23, 5, p. 217-218, October .DOI:, D.S.

What service users with psychotic disorders want in a mental health crisis or relapse: thematic analysis of joint crisis plans

Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49, 10, p. 1609-1617, October .DOI:, S., Brown, G., Rose, D., Doherty, L., Henderson, R. C., Birchwood, M., Marshall, M., Waheed, W., Szmukler, G. & Thornicroft, G.
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Viewpoint survey of mental health service users’ experiences of discrimination in England 2008-2012

Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49, 10, p. 1599-1608, October .DOI:, R. C., Corker, E., Hamilton, S., Williams, P., Pinfold, V., Rose, D., Webber, M., Evans-Lacko, S. & Thornicroft, G.
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User-generated quality standards for youth mental health in primary care: a participatory research design using mixed methods

BMJ Quality & Safety, 23, 10, p. 857-866, October .DOI:, T., Rose, D., Murray, J., Ashworth, M. & Tylee, A.
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The psychiatric ward as a therapeutic space: systematic review

British Journal of Psychiatry, 205, 3, p. 171-176, September .DOI:, C., Csipke, E., Rose, D. S., McKellar, S. & Wykes, T. HM.
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Psychiatrists’ Perspectives on Antipsychotic Dose and the Role of Plasma Concentration Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 36, 4, p. 486-493, August .DOI:, L., Gudbrandsen, M., Nagar, J., Rose, D., David, A. S. & Patel, M. X.
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